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Welcome to the Sandbox for WeRelate.org. This site is for experimenting with WeRelate without impacting the main site.

This is a separate site from the main WeRelate site and uses separate user accounts. It has most (but not all) of the functionality of the main site. In particular:

  • You can create your own account but won't be able to use it for much (including editing) without getting it manually activated. It is recommended that you use one of the existing test accounts instead. See the list below.
  • Email functionality is not operational, so you won't get any notifications (nor will anyone else, so don't expect a response if you post to someone's Sandbox Talk page).
  • If you wish to try out a GEDCOM upload, you will need support to get it processed.
  • Many headings and instructions are missing - you might see something like <edithelptext> instead of instructions. If you need help/instructions, go to the main site.
  • Most reference pages such as sources, places and templates are missing - they won't show up in searches and you'll see red links where they are referenced.

Support for this site (activating new accounts, processing GEDCOMs) is provided by DataAnalyst. Leave a message on her Talk page (on the main WeRelate site) if you want help or have a question about the Sandbox.

Test accounts:

accountp word
Test Accounttestspaces

Note: The Sandbox is also used to test coding changes and will break on occasion - you'll know because you won't see anything. This is usually fixed within a few minutes, so just be patient and try again.