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If you have never made any contributions to wikiprdia, you may want to watch the videos or read through the text tutorials below to find out how to build and share your family tree on WeRelate :-).

Video tutorials


Getting started

  • Part 1 (6:01) - wiki etiquette, page-oriented genealogy, and search (new)
  • Part 2 (7:02) - creating and editing pages (new)
  • Part 3 (9:39) - import a gedcom, get around, connect with others, joint projects, and ask questions (new)


Older a bit out of date, but you may still find them useful

Text tutorials

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Wiki etiquette and guidelines

WeRelate is a wiki, which means that anyone can edit the pages you contribute. Most of the time these edits will be beneficial, but once in awhile someone can make a mistake. If you are the recipient or causer of a mistake, we hope you will be courteous.

Ways to help out at WeRelate

WeRelate is a nonprofit community website supported by your tax deductible donations and run by volunteers. If you would like to help ...

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Naming conventions

Uploading a GEDCOM


Person pages

Family pages




Repository pages

Place pages


Surname pages

Transcript pages



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Menu Items


These menu items allow you to search WeRelate for various types of pages. Simply click on the type of page you are looking for and you will be taken to a search screen where you can input relevant data.


This menu lists the various types of pages that any user may create. Simply click on the type of page you want to create and you will be taken to an add screen where you may input relevant data. WeRelate is a wiki - a collaborative website. It is very likely that another user shares a common interest or ancestor. After inputting your data, click Next to see a list of wiki pages that match the data you inputted. If one of the pages listed matches your criteria, click on the page title to see the page. You may collaborate by editing or adding information to the existing page. For person and family pages of common ancestors click on the page title and then click on Tree in the left side menu to add the page to your own tree. For more information on each type of wiki page see below:


These menu items help navigate, track and care for the pages each user is interested in.


These menu items are used by Administrators to monitor WeRelate.

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Left side bar


A talk page (discussion page) is attached to every wiki page. The Talk link in the left side bar will take you to that page. See, * Leaving messages on talk pages for more information


Wiki pages belong to the community. No one owns any particular page. Everyone is welcome to edit most pages at WeRelate. See the following pages for help editing.


Watchers are users who have asked for an email notice when a particular page has been edited. Link to the users watching the page are listed under Watchers in the left side bar. Click on watch under Edit in the left side bar to be notified when that page is edited. Click on unwatch in the left side bar if you no long wish to be notified.

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More Menu Items

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Copyrights and Licenses

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Advanced Features

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Do you have a question that the help pages don't answer? Please send an email to