WeRelate:A Unified Tree

Our vision is to provide a free public resource with:

One place to find information about potential ancestors, so that you don’t have to sort through multiple trees produced by multiple individuals in order to find the most reliable and complete information.
The best genealogical information our contributors can provide, based on the highest quality sources and the most recent genealogical research that our contributors have access to.

Our mission is to integrate trees from many contributors into a unified family tree so that there is a single WeRelate page for each deceased person with the best information the contributors have provided.

Our approach is to encourage contributors to:

Submit new material that is not only reliable, but demonstrably reliable – that means citing high quality sources [link to what is meant by a “high quality source” Maybe an external page that is good at this?].
Create new pages only for people not already in WeRelate, and add new material (and sources) to existing pages where appropriate.
Respect the material that is already there. Seek to improve a page when you touch it, and if you do not have anything that will enhance the page, leave it as is.
  • For example, if a page says that a person was born "abt 1892", adding an alternate birth year of "abt 1893" doesn't add value, and should be avoided.
Actively collaborate with other contributors to expand and improve the unified tree.